Media Training

RedUP-300x400Speak UpThe Speak Up! Media Spokesperson Workshop was developed in 2009 for people with experience in the sex trades who want to speak publicly – in mainstream and community produced media – about their experiences and offer their political perspective on issues that affect our communities. The workshop is designed to support each participant to speak up from their own perspective and on issues that matter to them. Our seminar teaches participants to create strategic responses to media and public events and builds skills as a media spokesperson.

Participants learn to:

  • evaluate press requests
  • create talking points and stick to them
  • decide on the best message for the audience
  • hold journalists to ethical standards
  • produce media products like press releases and letters to the editor
  • evaluate the risks and rewards of being “out”
  • be confident in an interview even when it gets weird
  • and more.

Who Participates?

Some participants are writers who want to be able to market themselves and their work better while some work with activist groups and want to get more media attention for their work on sex worker rights. Some have had negative experiences with the media or don’t often have a place within the sex worker rights movement and want to be better prepared. We’re firmly committed to diversity, both in terms of demographics and experiences.


We are currently offering media workshops to communities outside of New York City on a consultant basis. In 2015, media training will be incorporated into other leadership development opportunities for our members and we are not, at this time, planning to offer a weekend long intensive in NYC.

Speak Up! Guide to Media Tools and Tactics

This 35 page publication shares information, skills, and tactics for engaging with the media for those who want to achieve better and more effective media representation of people in the sex trades. The guide is geared toward people who are interested in engaging with media because they want to make change by and for people in the sex trades – both in the ways we are represented and in the institutional structures that negatively impact our lives.

This guide is the result of five years of media trainings, and many more years of saying things to the media out of anger and frustration, not strategy. To access this guide, please enter your information below.


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