Prose & Lore: The RedUP Literary Journal

P&L-Three-IssueProse & Lore is the Red Umbrella Project’s literary journal, which collects memoir stories about sex work in two issues per year (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer). The stories are original to Prose & Lore, and about 75% of the authors in each issue are previously unpublished. Many of the contributors participate in our memoir workshops and drop-in writing sessions.

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Issue 3 of the journal features 27 original, true stories was released on January 21, 2014. Issue 4 will be out in June or July.

Contributors to Issue 3 include: Aphrodite Phoenix, April Hope, Audacia Ray, Aura Luz, Barbara Lee, Beau, Bella Vendetta, Clementine Morrigan, Dion O. Scott, Dominick, Dragonfly, Dylan Ryan, Dynasty (W)Rex, Fluffy LaMirada, Jessica Barry, Karen Gardiner, Kitty Stryker, Kymberly Cutter, Leigh Alanna, Lily Fury, Lori Adorable, Mariko Passion, Meg, Miranda Stapleton, Peech E. Keen, Rachel Aimee, Tara Burns

“Gutsy wisdom permeates these pages. Prose & Lore brings together a keen array of lived experiences and authentic voices.” – Amber Dawn, author of How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler’s Memoir

“In this collection of creative nonfiction, people who’ve tangled with the sex industry write about the complications that arise in the mix of sex and money. From the accounts of love and loss, occupational hazards and tricks of the trade to personal stories of hope, resistance and survival, Prose & Lore is a fiery collection of narratives by people who have walked the walk, and are now telling their tales.”
- Daily Loaf, CL Tampa Bay “Top 10 Most Provocative Books”

“The Red Umbrella Project… works to give a voice to those who are in the sex business — prostitutes, strippers, dominatrix and fetish professionals, porn performers, and anyone who trades sexuality for money or survival…”
- Susan Donaldson James, ABCNews

“…the best reason to pick up Prose & Lore is for the writing, and the stories. Like them or hate them, they are voices we need to hear…”
- Cory Silverberg, – Sexuality

“…it is incredibly refreshing to see that the cover… of Prose & Lore is an amalgam of faces… a small detail that reflects the work that this journal does to humanize those in the sex industries.”
- Jessie Nicole, Anonymous Heels

We are also interested in getting the journal into classrooms and drop-in centers. Please email editor and RedUP founder Audacia Ray at audaciaray [at] if you are interested in purchasing multiple copies.

Becoming a Contributor

We gather writing for Prose & Lore in two ways: stories are developed in our memoir writing workshops in NYC and we accept pitches from people who live outside of NYC and want to contribute.

Our next pitch period, for Issue 5, will take place in July and August, 2014.

To keep in mind for pitches: We want to hear your ideas for stories – no need to have a completed piece ready to go, just write briefly about what you want to write. We value interesting stories waaaay more than good grammar and spelling (that’s what editing is for), so tell us about a story you want to get out into the world and we’ll help you develop it. Accepted pitches will get paired with a mentor editor who will support you through the process of writing and revising your piece this spring.

Successful pitches are stories that are true and happened to you. We want stories, not essays about a theme. If there is a particular idea you want to write about, think about an example of this in your life and pitch a story about that.

If you live in NYC and want to check out our drop-in workshops or apply for our eight-week memoir writing workshop this spring, all the details are here.